Do the cream puffs needs to be refrigerated?

Yes they do. They can stay out for about 4 hours but then need to be refrigerated.


How long will the cream puffs be good for?

We usually recommend consuming the cream puffs the same or next day, after 2 days they will start to become soggy, especially if your refrigerator has a lot of humidity in it.


Can I freeze the cream puffs?

No, we do not recommend for you to freeze the cream puffs, the custard does not freeze well and has a granulated texture when it gets frozen


Can you customize the cream puffs?

Absolutely. We can print any logo, photo or text on the cream puffs, just send us an email at order@chouxsf.com and we will be happy to help you with any inquiry you may have


Do you make croquembouches ( cream puffs tree tower)?

We do, send us an email at order@chouxsf.com so that we can send you a quote depending on multiple factors ( size, days, delivery address)