CHOUX is a French bakery specialized in French Cream Puffs and other specialty like  Meringues, Financiers, Brioches, Cannelés and more.
Choux is located in the heart of San Francisco, in the Lower Haight.
Our address is 248 Fillmore Street at the corner of Haight Street.
The pastries are created fresh daily in store by our team of experienced pastry chefs.

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A Choux, pronounced ''shoo'' is a french of cream puff, a sweet French dessert, carefully crafted with flaky pastry dough, filled with a unique custard and adorned with delicate icing.

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Laura is the creator, founder,
and Cream Puff Queen at CHOUX.

It all started in Nice, France.

As a young girl, Laura would often spend her free time in her parent’s kitchen. Her first creation was a delicious banana bread. As her passion grew quickly, she began to fall in love with the elegant wedding cakes that she found in her mother’s pastry books.
Laura was drawn by the story that made these wedding cakes come to life. She has come to realize that pastries make people smile, and she now wants to spread those contagious smiles through her creations.

Laura moved to Paris to study Architecture and Design
at Ecole Camondo, Paris,

Then she founded her own architecture and design company., Atelier NA.
She was always interested in making the client’s unique style come to life, but more importantly, making them happy. Laura's sweet tooth never abandoned her, and she started taking baking classes at Ecole Lenôtre and Atelier Alain Ducasse, the renowned culinary schools in Paris.
There, she found her passion for a particular pastry, le choux à la crème (French cream puffs).

In 2012, Laura embarked on a tour
around the United States

San Francisco was one of the cities that had a lasting impression on her. On her first day visiting San Francisco, she found herself sitting in Ghirardelli Square watching the boats go by in the Bay with an ice cream cone in hand.
It was there and then when she had a revelation:
she had found her new home.
Being under the magical spell of San Francisco, she packed up and moved one month later.
With the love and support of the San Francisco community, Laura opened CHOUX in the Lower Haight in August 2013

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